VR Experience

TxDOT – Don’t mess with Texas® Virtual Reality Experience

Using the latest virtual reality technology, Don’t mess with Texas® brought the anti-litter message to life with a 360-degree exploratory environment set in a field along a beautiful Texas highway.

The Game

Onsite brand ambassadors begin the experience and the participant is greeted with an instructional screen and voice that explains the rules of the game: Participants use hand paddles to pick up various pieces of litter and place or toss the items into one of three Don’t mess with Texas®-branded trash barrels. They receive points for each piece of litter that makes it into the trash barrel.

Those waiting in line or passersby can see the participant’s game experience on a high definition monitor.

Creating Connections

The insight behind the development of this virtual reality experience is that with more and more messages competing for audiences’ attention each day, the Don’t mess with Texas® team needed to create more engaging and valuable experiences to truly connect.

This powerful use of gamification is a fun and memorable way to actually get people excited about picking up litter and properly disposing of it.

While the experience itself only lasts 30 seconds, participants walk away from it with a lasting impression they will tell others about.